The Yu-Gi-Oh! fanlisting has been online since November 2014 ♥ I would like to thank the previous owner, Rain, for entrusting this dear series to me ♪

Version 1 Destined Duel features the two legendary duelists with their iconic monsters: Atemu with his , , and ; and Kaiba Seto with his and . I wanted a cool design with my favorite duelists, and love how colorful yet fierce they look here ♥

The fanlisting is entitled WILD DRIVE, which was the name of the third opening theme song from the anime ♥ I wanted a name that was adventurous and fun ♪ The Japanese lyrics on the design come from the song, which means we were born to shine and our journey continues


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Character: Mutou YuugiCharacter: Yami Yuugi / Pharaoh AtemuMonster Card: Dark Magician GirlRelationship: Atemu & AnzuRelationship: Seto & Shizuka

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